What Can CSS Provide?

  • IT Consulting

    If you don’t need a full team, but only specific resources, we can help you with any part of the software development process.

    Our consulting specialties include:

    • Business analysis
    • Project management
    • Development
  • Application / Site Design

    Yes there are a lot of pre-packaged software solutions you can buy, but most companies have a hard time finding one that fits their exact needs. Work with us, and we’ll pinpoint your specific goals and create a custom application solution just for you.
    We can write and design full systems: 

    • websites
    • e-commerce
    • internal tracking systems
    • reporting systems
    • intranets
  • Website Development

    Developing websites is our bread and butter. Whether your technology stack is Windows or Unix based, our experienced developers will create the perfect site for your business.

    Here’s what we bring to the table:

    • Knowledgeable developers – Our developers are accomplished, skilled and seasoned, many with more than 10 years of experience.
    • A wide range of skills – We’re experts in vb.net, C#.net, PHP, SQL Server, mySQL, jquery/java script, ajax, HTML5 and more. (And if that just made your head spin, don’t worry, we’ll spare you the details.)
    • Flash utilities and slideshows – We create the kind of eye-catching and engaging visual elements that make your website really pop.
    • Dynamic web content – We implement the latest interactive functionality to make your site engaging and useful for your users.

    We don’t stop when the coding is done. From initial conception to launch, we’ll be there every step of the way.

    Quality Assurance and Testing
    To make sure we achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction, we will communicate with you throughout your project, and we’ll incorporate your feedback into further design and development. In addition, our team will thoroughly test your product before delivering it to you for your own beta testing. Every step of the way, we work hard to make sure your new product will achieve your goals.
    When your product is ready for beta testing, we’ll work closely with your team to install the software on your systems, and we’ll remain engaged throughout your testing and review process. As we develop subsequent versions, and when the final product is complete, we’ll ensure everything is properly installed and ready to go.
    The final step of the custom design process is training you on your new software. We’ll create training documentation and will provide an in-house session to fully train you on all aspects of your new product.

  • Website Design

    Looks aren’t everything, but they sure mean a lot when it comes to websites. If your current site is feeling dated or stale, that’s how visitors will feel about your company. Do you want your site to have a modern, responsive design that will work on all size devices from desktops to the smallest phone? Do you want it to exude professionalism? Do you want it to be fun? Cheerful? Serious? We have web designers from a range of backgrounds (business print work, video games, flash, web UI and more), so no matter what you need, we can create a beautiful, user-friendly design that perfectly communicates your company’s personality and vision.

  • Custom Reporting

    A lot of our clients come to us with a similar predicament: they purchased a useful software application that’s specific to their industry, but it falls short in one very important area—data analysis.

    At CSS, we can connect to major industry databases to get you the data you need. Our custom reports will allow you to analyze your data in new and flexible ways, all in whatever format works best for you.

    The benefits of custom reporting include:

    • Efficiency – Too often companies are using outdated methods of data tracking and reporting (Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, old databases). By giving you the exact data you require, we save you time and money.
    • Regular Improvements – By analyzing critical live data, you can find bottlenecks and continually create ways to improve your processes.
    • Better Customer Service – You can offer custom reports to your clients—these kinds of special touches can really make you stand out from your competitors.
  • System Integration

    We specialize in system integration and data piping across business domains. Data piping is a service that moves data between different business domains, systems, data sources, and data services. By integrating various systems and piping data, we open the opportunity to implement complex data processing workflows, which provides better information in a more timely manner, making your business more responsive and dynamic at every level.

    We can integrate:

    • Systems
    • APIs
    • Data Stores
  • Project Management

    At Cheshire, we don’t just develop custom software and reports, we skillfully manage complex IT projects. We’ve managed development teams of all shapes and sizes, both in the U.S. and overseas—sometimes just our own developers, sometimes our clients’ developers, and sometimes a mixture of both. Our hands-on management style, consistent communication, and cutting-edge project management tools all keep your project on track, saving you time and money.​​